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Considering Solar?

Welcome to Solstice Energy, your high quality solar specialists. For 5 years we’ve helped people save thousands of dollars converting their homes to clean, renewable, solar energy.  Whether your goal is to save money, the planet, create jobs, enjoy the newest technology or other,  we would love to share with you the Solstice Way and what makes us an excellent option to consider as you upgrade your home to solar energy.

Save the planet

With global temperatures on the rise, water shortages and the depletion of many finite resources, solar is becoming increasingly important around the world. For every person that goes solar, thousand of gallons of water is saved, literally tons of CO2 offset and a better future for all, ensured.

save money

Converting your home to solar energy can save you well into the thousands of dollars. With most saving money immediately after installation every month in addition to capturing many incentives and benefits, the upgrade to solar can yield very real and long term economic benefits for decades to come.

Here's just a few of the benefits of going solar...

Go solar with no money down

You can purchase your system with no money out of pocket and begin saving money.

Lower Your Monthly Bill

Save money every month by owning your power and avoiding rate increases.

Avoid Rate Increases

Utility rates have skyrocketed over the past decades. Go solar and own your power.

Capture The Many Incentives

There are major incentives offered right now that will either put money in your pocket or offset your costs.

Added Home Value

Studies are showing solar as the #1 upgrade to increase home value and attract buyers.

Protect The Environment

Every person that goes solar is joining the cause for a better future for generations to come.

Solar System Options

When you work with Solstice Energy you have options. Our specialists will help you fully customize your system so you capture the most significant benefits.

Solar Batteries

For full independence

  • Total energy independence
  • Greater efficiancy
  • Smart Management
  • Off-grid operation
  • Extensive system monitoring

Solar Panels

Of the highest quality

  • We offer a wide variety of all major manufactures
  • Choose the right panels for your application
  • Various power ranges for space considerations
  • Low maintenance operation
  • Backed with a 25 year warranty

Solar Inverters

For maximized production

  • High Efficiancy Conversion
  • Micro-Inverters
  • Hybrid Systems with Power Optimizers
  • String Inverters
  • The right invertor for your application


No money down Financing

Our Trusted Partners

We only work with the highest quality manufactures in solar so you can be confident your system will provide reliable service for decades to come.

Quality installation & Warranty

We will not only install your system with the highest of standards but it will be backed with an industry leading 25 year warranty.

  • Solar panels
  • Inverter(s)
  • Batteries
  • Roof*

 *Roof warranty is for 10 years

“Great overall experience! They do quality work, made financing easy and were easy to communicate with. Would recommend others to use this company.”

~ Jacquelyn Wilson ~

The folks with Solstice were great to work with, incredibly patient with my dozens of questions (had to explain that they were working with a professional researcher!) and helped me sort through all the decision steps.

Abby Benninghoff

Very impressed with the price for the quality product they offer, and the people are awesome. Highly recommend.

Mike Smart

Solstice Energy was a great company to work with. They explained everything in detail and if I had questions they were always fast to respond back to me. Every step was completed in a timely matter. I highly recommend Solstice Energy.

Carol Anderson

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