We’re currently in a very unique period of time in history. A time where technology can be used as an amazing tool to better the lives of people all over the world and a period of time where the impact of our decisions has never been more evident. Communities around the world are in tremendous disrepair as a result of choices we’ve made related to the generation of electricity and other industrial processes.

“We now know the long term consequences of such choices and it is more important than ever…”

Industry has destroyed natural habitats all over the world displacing a diverse selection of life and laying waste to once pristine landscapes. We know now the long term consequences of such choices and it is more important than ever to react in ways that minimize continued abuses and offer relief to communities, nature and mother earth as a whole.

Whether we accept the responsibility or not doesn’t negate the obligation we each have to protect the environment for future generations. The idea that it is okay to pollute water, air or soil under any circumstance at the cost of humanities future health is quite honestly, unacceptable. Cultures around the world honor the environment with great reverence. Accrediting their success, health and well-being to their conscious stewardship of mother earth. Why would allow ourselves to be any different?

The industrial revolution was certainly one that brought with it many wonderful advances that have no doubt enriched the lives of many around the world. Now we understand more than ever though the impact of these processes and considering the delicate state of the environment globally, we each must take swift action and accept our role and obligation in ushering in a more prosperous time for humanity. It is imperative we each place a much higher level of importance on making responsible choices that minimize detriments to the environment while encouraging others to do the same.

Treating the earth as if it’ll always be as generous to us as it has been is a reckless idea to say the least. It is an oblivious mode of existence that will most certainly lead to discomfort and suffering. As citizens of a global community we ask you to stand with us, committed to doing our parts to provide the relief the environment so desperately needs.

We ask that you not only exist in ways that minimize your impact environmentally but do so in a way that inspires those around you to do the same. We have the blessing of connection in a much stronger way than ever before. With social networking and the ability to connect with virtually anyone with the swipe of a screen, there is no reason we cannot band together and be the solution.

Albeit grave circumstances, there is an equally significant opportunity to take the knowledge now available to us, coupled with our amazing technological abilities and march forward creating a world where every single one of us has not only the ability but the reality of drinking clean water, breathing clean air and eating unpolluted food.

It is up to you.. it is up to me. The question is now do we have the tenacity, do we have the character, the morality, the judgement to do what is necessary to reverse the damage we’ve done and make our wrongs right for the betterment of humanity and the health of our planet? We believe we do and stand together with humanity, committed to change that will improve the lives of all.

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