Many people underestimate how the profoundly the environment is effected by the generation and distribution of electrical energy.

The power plants themselves consume vast landscapes, uprooting natural habitats in trade of industrial super complexes. Not only do these environments undergo major transformation but often times their native resources are pillaged and do to industrial processes, grossly polluted if not entirely depleted.

“… better management doesn’t mean the problem has been solved…”

In recent decades we’ve gotten much more strict with regard to the management and disposal of toxic materials but where these byproducts accumulate their effects can be quite destructive laying waste to once undisturbed ecosystems. Unfortunately, better management doesn’t mean the problem has been solved, it simple means the resting place of these hazardous chemicals is more strategic but often times only means moving the problem further from site.

Massive infrastructure is necessary to not only produce but distribute electrical energy. These networks certainly require an impact on the environments they span but in their atmosphere create electromagnetic fields that studies are showing affect many aspects of the surrounding landscape and inhabitants.

“This increased electrical input into surrounding inhabitants is measurable all the way down to a cellular level…”

The transportation of electrical energy certainly doesn’t come without it’s deficiencies either with measurable loses also know as “leakage” escaping into the surrounding environments. This increased electrical input into surrounding inhabitants is measurable all the way down to a cellular level, with long term consequences still not fully understood.

We know two things for sure… 1.) The modern electrical system has been a great servant to humanity. It has contributed to nearly all of the wonderful comforts and conveniences we hold so dear today. To those who have built and maintained this infrastructure over the years, our sincerest gratitude. You have made a valuable contribution and society should always honor that. 2.) Like medicine, computing power, human intellect… things advance and new ways are developed eclipsing the old in favor of what is better. It is clear fossil fuel energy generation is not only not sustainable but coming at costs we or future generations cannot afford.

It is time differences are set aside and humanity takes not only a close look at our impact on the earth but a close look at ourselves and the world we are creating for those who come after us. Regardless of political arguments related to this topic, we all know the benefits of renewable energy warrant continued support and adoption as the alternative is unquestionably a destination of dire calamity.

We hope we all stand firm on the believe that we have an obligation to protect the environment and it turn the well being of future generations.

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