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Learn the Economics

Going solar can save you money every month, protect you from runaway rate increases, enable you to take advantage of significant incentives (offsetting your costs) and protect your investment through the positive impact on home value.

Monthly Savings

Let your money go further

  • Fixed Payments
  • Most often immediate monthly savings
  • Avoid rate increases
  • Eventually payoff the system leading to additional savings
  • Own your energy

Credits & Incentives

Offset your costs

  • The Federal Government currently offers a 30% tax credit for qualified home owners
  • Most States also offer incentives
  • Utilize the MACRS (Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System)
  • SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Credits)
  • Local incentives and credits

Home Value Impact

Insulate your investment

  • Studies are showing solar as the single most valuable home upgrade (ROI)
  • Give your home energy independance
  • Solar homes sell faster
  • Solar homes sell for more money
  • Solar homes are in demand

Understand the Environmental Impact

Land Use and Ecological Impacts

The impact on land and the habitations of people, animals and plants has been significantly effected by fossil fuel power plants. Solar energy doesn’t require this environmetal detriment.

Impacts to Soil, Water and Air Resources

The dirt where our food is grown, the water we drink, the air we breath are all heavily effected by where we choose to get our electricty. Understand the consequences.

Additional Impacts

Studies are showing many other important factors such as the preservation of many other finite resources as well as significant cultural benefits ushering in a time of greater environmental stewardship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really go solar with no money out of pocket?

Yes you can. We work with many finance companies that will finance your system with no money out of pocket, give you low interest and payments in the neighborhood of your utility payment. In many cases, less.

How do I login to my monitoring dashboard?

You can simply login through your inverters user portal. Depending on the inverter used we’ve included the direct links here…

Can I pay the system off with my incentives?

Absolutely! In fact, most loans are structured to make that process very simple. Most loans give you an introductory interest only loan payment while you gather these incentives. The period typically lasts 18 months.

How do I redeem my referral rewards?

Referral Rewards will be sent out in the form of a check the first week following the month of your referrals installation.

What if I sell my house?

Most loans allow you to simply transfer the loan to the new owner. With that said, its often simplest to sell your home for more money as it’s equipped with solar and pay the system off at that point with the new owner rolling the cost into their mortgage.

Insightful Articles

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Amid polemics over rising electricity prices in Europe and the level of green energy subsidies in various countries, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that the growth in clean-energy generation is a huge success story.

Benefits of Residential Solar Electricity

Solar energy is sustainable, renewable, and plentiful. As the cost of using solar to produce electricity goes down each year, many Americans are increasingly switching to solar.

The Future of Solar Energy

Solar electricity generation is one of the few low-carbon energy technologies with the potential to grow to very large scale.

Time to shine: Solar power is fastest-growing source of new energy

Solar Power was the fastest-growing source of new energy worldwide last year, outstripping the growth in all other forms of power generation for the first time and leading experts to hail a “new era”.

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Enjoy our blog for additional insights into the climate of solar, our experiences, services and success stories…

Real Testimonials...

Thank you to all we’ve been fortunate to serve and a warm welcome to those we soon will! We are humbled by your support.

"You guys are great and your installers where amazing as well as polite. The explained everyting including safety with the solar system. I am so happy to be going green. Even though the town I live in makes it nearly impossible to go green and offer no incentives. I look forward to the savings and long term value in the system. Thanks Erick."

Ryan Winslow ~ Utah

"Solstice Energy was great to work with and I know, even though every thing is up and running, I can contact them at any time for issues regarding the panels, etc. They were great in working with the electric company and kept after them for me to get things done "

S Krohn ~ Utah

"I am a very satisfied customer. These guys are efficient and hard working to get the job done i would highly recommend Solstice Energy to anyone."

Denise Lewis ~ Utah

"Very professional people. They know what they are doing. Very reasonable and no hassle installments. Mine was done as per timeline without any delays."

Divyaraj Jhala ~ Utah

"Great overall experience! They do quality work, made financing easy and were easy to communicate with. Would recommend others to use this company."

Jacquelyn Wilson ~ Utah

"We are very pleased with our experience with Solstice Energy in getting a home solar system. We worked with 4 others solar companies before deciding on Solstice. The prices were comparable, but the customer service from Solstice was by far the best.

Marc Winsor ~ Idaho

"Very impressed with the price for the quality product they offer, and the people are awesome. Highly recommend."

Mike Smart ~ Utah

"Solstice Energy was a great company to work with. They explained everything in detail and if I had questions they were always fast to respond back to me. Every step was completed in a timely matter. I highly recommend Solstice Energy."

Carol Anderson ~ Utah

"Fantastic company, great product. I would encourage all customers to use Solstice paired with Dividend dollar for the loan. I have nothing but good to say about both!"

Brad Rowe ~ Utah

"My roof wasn't the most ideal for the solar installation but the crew installing it did a fabulous job on it. They answered my questions and I am very pleased to now have the sun working for me !"

Boas Anderson ~ Utah

"It was an easy no hassle experience and now I am on my way to saving tons of money and saving the environment."

Jeremy Williamson ~ Utah

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