Solar & Energy options

Going solar allows you to generate power smarter. Once you have the power though, there are additional adjustments that can be made to preserve it, further increasing your savings.

Solar System Options

When you work with Solstice Energy you have options. Our specialists will help you fully customize your system so you capture the most significant benefits.

Solar Batteries

For full independence

  • Total Energy Independence
  • Greater Efficiency
  • Smart Management
  • Off-grid Operation
  • Extensive System Monitoring

Solar Panels

Of the highest quality

  • We offer a wide variety of all major manufactures
  • Choose the right panels for your application
  • Various Power Ranges for Space Considerations
  • Low Maintenance Operation
  • Backed with a 25 Year Warranty

Solar Inverters

For maximized production

  • High Efficiancy Conversion
  • Micro-Inverters
  • Hybrid Systems with Power Optimizers
  • String Inverters
  • The right invertor for your application

Energy Upgrades

Increase the benefits of energy efficiancy by adding additional upgrades that will reduce usage and lead to even more significant savings.

Smart Thermostats

For added savings

  • Increase Your Savings
  • Smart Home Monitoring
  • Mobile Control
  • Intuitive Operation

LED Light Bulbs

Reduce usage significantly

  • Further Increase Savings
  • Increased Bulb Life
  • Better Build Quality

Attic Fans

For even greater savings

  • Greater Thermal Efficiancy
  • Offer Relief to HVAC
  • No Cost Operation
  • Maximize Savings

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