A really important aspect of going solar, is understanding and being able to benefit from favorable NET metering terms.

NET metering is essentially the exchange rate you get from your utility company from the energy you create that goes back into the grid (overproduction). For instance, let’s say you produce 20 kWh (kilowatt hours) during the course of a day but only use 15, the extra 5 kWh are stored in the grid for later use. When those kilowatt hours are called back you may get a 1 for 1 credit, you may get 90% of it’s value, in some states you get even less.

The utility company has justified what basically amounts to a fee for use of their infrastructure essentially operating as your battery until you need to pull back that excess power you’ve produced.

Currently here in Utah, most utilities allow for an equal exchange (1 kWh for 1 kWh) which is of the best exchanges in the country. This exchange rate coupled with the savings one can realize when going solar are certainly contributing factors to the runaway success of solar in here and around the country.

A few things that you will want to keep in mind though is that although we currently have wonderful Net Metering terms, these terms are subject to change for new solar owners. In general, your net metering terms get grandfathered so the sooner you go solar the sooner you can secure a fair exchange. If going solar is something you’re inevitably going to do, maybe now is a great time to explore options, get quotes and possibly make the jump to clean, solar energy.

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